Translation agency with tradition

The prerequisite for high-quality translations is a trusting cooperation with  language experts in the various language combinations and specialist fields. Over the years, we have been able to build up a broad network of experts for translation services of all kinds. Our team of experts is as diverse as the fields of activity and subject areas. However, one thing is true for all colleagues: the highly qualified training, the grown wealth of experience and of course the love for languages and the possibility to connect people with different national languages.

Our interpreting colleagues have already been able to demonstrate their excellent language skills at numerous international interpreting assignments and events at home and abroad. In addition, they are characterised by a high level of expertise, which they have acquired through thorough preparation in the respective subject areas such as politics, education, economics, industry, trade or technology. 

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all the translators and interpreters who have remained loyal to Schneiders-Sprach-Service over the years.

Schneider beglaubigte Uebersetzungen

Family business with 30 years of experience

Schneiders-Sprach-Service was founded in Berlin more than 30 years ago as an owner-managed translation agency. As a Latin American scholar and language facilitator for Spanish and Portuguese, I decided to take the step into self-employment immediately after the fall of the Berlin Wall. Since then, I have been working with my team colleagues for numerous clients at home and abroad.

Today Schneiders-Sprach-Service is a small, multinational family business based in Berlin and Brandenburg, which looks after its clients personally with the same pleasure and commitment  as 30 years ago. For us, it is a matter of putting our many years of experience to work for you as our clients and always looking for a way to support you – even in the event of bottlenecks or urgent requests. We rely on a trusting relationship characterised by reliability, competence, adherence to deadlines and discretion. We offer professional translation services, certified translations, specialist translations and interpreting services. And we are very familiar with authorities, offices and recognition issues at home and abroad. Please contact us. We are happy to support you in your individual situation.

We are here for you!

If you work for a company, authority, organisation or association, or if you need professional translations for your private needs, please contact us. Schneiders-Sprach-Service will be happy to provide you with translation and interpreting services of any kind.

Our long-standing partnerships also enable us to implement extensive translation projects.  

We look forward to receiving your enquiry, which you can send to us in a straightforward manner, preferably electronically by e-mail. After receipt of your enquiry, you will receive a corresponding written offer from us at short notice. Of course, we are also at your disposal by telephone.

Who is Sabine Schneider?

As a Latin American scholar and language facilitator for Spanish and Portuguese, I decided to take the step into self-employment over 30 years ago. As a former GDR citizen, I was also confronted with profound social changes to an unprecedented extent. Career paths became uncertain, life plans and professional decisions had to be reconsidered, opportunities and risks had to be reweighed.   Immediately after the fall of the Berlin Wall, as a single mother, I founded Schneiders-Sprach-Service as an owner-managed translation agency for translations of all kinds in more than 20 languages. Since then, I have been working with my highly qualified teammates and colleagues for numerous clients both at home and abroad. 20 languages soon became more than 50. The topics are very complex and over the years it has always been exciting and interesting for me to work on new things, to deal with the challenges of our time and to get to know interesting people.

In the meantime, Schneiders-Sprach-Service has become a small family business. My son, who practically grew up with foreign languages and who is as fond of travelling to distant countries, unknown cultures, the joy of being able to move freely in the foreign language as I am, has been actively supporting, advising and representing me for years. Today, Schneiders-Sprach-Service is a small multinational family business that can look back on many years of experience and supports our clients in their business or private foreign language needs with the same zeal and commitment as 30 years ago.