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Accurate document translations are crucial for a variety of reasons. For legal documents, even a small mistake in translation can result in significant consequences, such as the rejection of a visa application, denial of a legal claim, or even legal penalties. It’s crucial that legal documents are translated accurately to ensure that the translated document carries the same meaning and context as the original document.

In addition, accurate document translations are essential for effective communication in business settings. Miscommunication can lead to misunderstandings, delays, and even loss of revenue. When working with clients or partners in other countries, accurate translations are necessary to ensure that both parties understand the terms and conditions of any agreement. Overall, accurate document translations are critical for legal compliance, effective communication, and successful business relationships.

Professional document translation

Translating technical documents can be challenging for several reasons. Technical documents often contain complex concepts and specialised terminology that may not have an equivalent in the target language. Translators must not only understand the technical content but also have a deep understanding of the industry-specific language used in the original document. Without this understanding, translations may be inaccurate or confusing to the target audience.

Another challenge in translating technical documents is ensuring consistency in terminology. Technical documents often use specific terminology that must be used consistently throughout the document. Inconsistent terminology can result in confusion for the reader and may even result in serious consequences in some cases, such as in medical or engineering documents. To ensure consistency, translators must have a good understanding of the technical subject matter and work closely with the client to establish a glossary of key terms that can be used consistently throughout the translation. Overall, translating technical documents requires not only linguistic expertise but also a deep understanding of the subject matter and specialised terminology, making it a complex and challenging task.

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You want to have a document translated from English, Spanish or Portuguese or another language into German. Or you wish to have your document translated from German into English, Spanish or Portuguese or another language.

Regardless of whether you require a certified or non-certified translation, whether it concerns documents from the business sector, such as contracts of all kinds, excerpts from the commercial register, company correspondence, data protection declarations, codes of conduct, or private documents, such as birth certificates, marriage certificates, employment certificates, references, testimonials, university certificates, university degrees, documents for the recognition of professional qualifications in Germany, certificates of good conduct, driver’s licenses, notarial certificates, certificates of inheritance, wills, death certificates or powers of attorney, you have come to the right place with your translation request.

Please send us the document you would like to have translated electronically as a PDF or Word file and state the language combination you require as well as your preferred deadline. We will send you a quotation, also by e-mail, taking into account your preferred deadline.

If you agree with our proposal, you confirm our offer in writing by e-mail, stating your exact address as well as a telephone number for possible queries. You will then receive an invoice from us for this translation service. After we receive your payment, we will send you the documents both electronically as a PDF file and by mail. By arrangement, you can also pick up and pay for the translation at our office.

Please note that if you use the certified translation abroad, you may need an apostille, over-certification or legalisation. For more information, please contact us.