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It is important to note that each country may have its own specific requirements for a Certificate of Unmarried Status and it is always best to check with the relevant authorities in the country concerned.

If you intend to marry a foreign partner, you will need various documents to present to the competent registry office. This also includes a so-called certificate of no impediment to marriage or a certificate of singleness. Under German law, a certificate of no impediment to marriage is an official certificate confirming that there are no impediments to marriage according to the legal system of the issuing country. We will be happy to provide this certified translation of your foreign certificate of no impediment from Spain, Portugal, Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Venezuela, Peru, Bolivia, Cuba or any other Latin American country.

Should you require a certified translation of a German certificate of no impediment into Spanish, Portuguese or English, you are also welcome to contact us with this request. The best thing to do is to send us the certificate of no impediment you wish to have translated as a PDF document electronically and state the language combination you require as well as your preferred date.

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Why is a translating your certificate of unmarried status important?

Some countries require a Single Status Affidavit as proof that an individual is eligible to enter into a marriage in that country. This helps to ensure that the marriage is legally recognized and avoid issues such as bigamy.

Some countries require a Certificate of Unmarried Status as part of the visa application process. This may be required for those who wish to live or work in the country or for those who wish to visit for a specific purpose, such as a wedding.

The certificate provides legal proof of a person’s marital status and can be used in a court of law as evidence in disputes related to inheritance, property rights, and other matters.

Having a Certificate of Unmarried Status simplifies the process of obtaining visas, getting married, or settling legal disputes by providing clear proof of a person’s marital status.

Marriage is a beautiful union that transcends borders and cultures. It is a bond between two individuals who vow to love and support each other for life. However, when it comes to international marriages, there are a few extra steps involved, including the need for a translated single certificate.

A single certificate is an official document that confirms an individual’s civil status as being single. This document is a requirement in many countries for marriage registration, and it is essential to have it translated if the language of the certificate is not the same as the language of the country where the marriage will take place.

The role of a translated single certificate in international marriages cannot be overstated. It serves as proof of eligibility to marry and provides legal validity to the union. In addition, it helps to ensure that the couple meets the requirements set by the country where the marriage will take place. Without a translated single certificate, the couple may face delays or even denial of their marriage registration.

When it comes to the translation of a single certificate, it is crucial to have it done by a professional translator. This is because the document contains sensitive information that must be accurately translated. A professional translator will ensure that the translation is accurate, complete, and certified, meeting the legal requirements of the country where the marriage will take place.

In some cases, a certified translation may also be required. This means that the translator must certify that the translation is accurate and complete. A certified translation is typically required by government agencies, immigration offices, and other legal entities. Therefore, it is essential to check the requirements of the country where the marriage will take place to determine if a certified translation is necessary.

How can you get your certificate of unmarried status translated?

If you would like to have your documents translated, it is best to send them electronically as a PDF document, stating the language combination you require and your preferred date.

You will also receive a quotation from us by e-mail, taking into account your preferred date. If you agree with our proposal, confirm our offer in writing by e-mail, stating your exact address and a telephone number for any queries. You will then receive an invoice from us for this translation service. After receipt of payment, we will send you the documents both electronically as a PDF file and by post. By arrangement, you are also welcome to collect and pay for the translation at our office.

Please note that if you use the certified translation abroad, you may need an apostille, over-certification or legalisation. Please feel free to contact us for further information.

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